Insert Catchy First Post Title Here ...

First blog posts are always the hardest. Well, for me they are. This one I decided would be about why I set up this business. I had many reasons for it but my first and foremost reason was that I needed to find a way to work and earn a wage while living with chronic depression. There are many people with depression who can hold down a Monday-to-Friday 9-5 job, but I am not one of them. With a combination of general anxiety disorder and a tendency towards the odd migraine or twelve, I needed a job where I could work where I wanted, when I wanted. I always enjoyed words and writing and most of all I love to learn new things. Being a freelance copyeditor seemed like the right choice for me.  I am currently working towards becoming an accredited copyeditor with the SFEP (Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders) while picking up a few jobs to keep me ticking over (not to mention my regular shifts in a well-known local café). This is a career I think I can be happy and healthy with so I hope this is one of many blog posts to come as I embark on this little adventure.  

I was really nervous about even starting this blog because I feared if I made any grammatical, spelling, punctuation mistakes that other copyeditors and proofreaders might leap all over me. Well, before any pedants try to take me down a few points to note. 

1. It is extremely difficult to edit your own work. (That's why you hire a copyeditor like me!)

2. I'm human, I make mistakes. (Even the best copyeditors cannot promise a 100% error free text.)

3. This is the blog part of the website where I get to be a bit more free with my words so that my voice, my opinions can shine through. 

Well, that's enough blathering for now. I hope you enjoyed it. 


(FYI my name is pronounced "bree")