Thoughts on Marketing

I haven’t posted here in a long while for a number of reasons, illness, busy with work, and a lack of in inspiration. Like many others who run a small business, I find marketing myself constantly to be a very difficult job. All of your content must be positive, PC, on brand, and new. No one wants to read content they have read a thousand times before. I saw this feeling reflected in a post by a friend who said he would cry if he saw another latte art pic on Instagram. After a while, the content feels forced, then it’s inauthentic and viewers can smell that a mile away.

There is also great difficulty in posting for my clientele. Many who need my service are not following me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or even reading this blog. They just google a proofreader when they need one. And yet, if I did not have a presence across these channels then they would not find me. It’s a catch-22.

Perhaps I need to do some research into what my potential clients would like in terms of content. But that takes time, time away from the actual work (which every proofreader will tell you they would prefer to be doing than marketing).

I also know that it is best practice to have a marketing plan, so I only have to spend a relatively small amount of time on my marketing but again, we come back to the core problem, creating original content that will engage my potential clients. Looking at my peers and role models in this industry, I feel like they have covered everything I could talk about and more. And they do it far better than I ever could. Perhaps it is time to diversify.

Maybe I shouldn’t focus on the proofreading and editorial work but appeal to different groups through my different passions; would writing on subjects such as Gothic fiction, cats, food, and things that annoy/impress me be a better way to attract clients and add to my SEO? I don’t know, but I know I should try. I have a list of topics I would love to talk about and perhaps this is a different path to marketing, an indirect marketing technique.

Just the word ‘marketing’ makes me feel quite hollow and fake, as though I am trying to sell my services to those who do not need it.

I only want to work with those who need my help, I don’t want people to hire me because marketing has made them think they should. I see enough marketing everyday aimed at convincing people they need this product or that service. We are inundated with marketing from the second we wake up to the second we fall asleep. Heck, I sometimes dream about ads.

If anyone has any thoughts on this subject I would love to hear from them. After this stream-of-consciousness rambling I think I have identified what I feel and what I want to do.

1.       Marketing is important to my business, so it must be done.

2.       Traditional marketing may not be the right approach for me right now.

3.       I am going to deliver authentic content that reflects my passions and interests so I don’t get fatigued or depressed.

Now I just have to do it.