The ups and downs of running a small business

I've been neglecting my blog for a while now, first it was the break before Christmas and then it was the New Year and things went well and then things took a turn for the worse before returning to the mean again. 

We have all seen those memes on success and how it is a squiggly line from start-up to success; there is no clear upward trajectory, you don't know what is going to happen in the next month let alone the next year. But I digress.

Before Christmas I was snowed under with work and loving it. Even on my last day before the holidays my promised half day evaporated with an urgent client request. I had a few jobs and job interviews lined up for the new year and everything was looking rosy. I started planning a proper honeymoon with the husband and taking on extra financial responsibilities at home, and perhaps, even a pension. Then someone pulled the carpet out from under me. 

The interview went terribly, the jobs I had lined up evaporated, and I was let go from another job because it just was not working out. I dealt with the first two as best I could but the third loss hit me in the gut. I let myself cry and feel sorry about it for a while; you have to acknowledge how you feel about things. However, I got back to work the next day and carried on. There was no point in wallowing in it; I just had to get on with things. Within a few days the phone was ringing again and emails were coming in with clients needing editorial work. I even got some lovely compliments about my writing style and my honesty. 

There are going to be setbacks, but there will be achievements too.