I've been a tad busy...

The summer months, especially August/September, can be a busy time for proofreaders and it was no exception for me this year. Between proofing theses and dissertations, editing websites, and training, I've been working on three books! Wow, when you put that altogether it is a huge accomplishment. 

I learned so much from the first book I worked on. Not in terms of its contents, but in terms of time management and overstretching myself. The big lesson I learned was not to overwork myself. I ended up working not just Monday to Friday, 9-5, but evenings and through the weekend to get the project finished on time. I barely had time for my fiancé (yep, I'm getting hitched!), my cats, or even myself. I was so worn out by the end of it I had to take a week off. That is not a good way to work for anyone, let alone someone who has chronic migraines and fatigue! But I can honestly say that I have learned my lesson and will in future manage my time better so as not to overwork myself. 

With this book, (academic history) I also managed to step into the world of indexing. It was always something I planned on doing but I threw myself into it and took a crash course on the basics as the editors only wanted a basic index of people and places. I found I had to read the text in a completely different way to when I would proofread; it was both challenging and exciting. I'm really looking forward to seeing this book published; I'm so proud of the work I put in and the lessons I learned.