Following my Ambitions

Writers run on caffeine in any form

Writers run on caffeine in any form

Wow, it really has been a busy few months.

Only now can I take time to catch my breath and take stock of what I have done, what I have achieved and what I am doing in future. I left my steady regular paid work in a successful and super busy cafe, (Canteen, I may have mentioned it before?). It was both terrifying and exciting leaving. While worrying is a natural state of being for me, the constant 'What if I don't make enough money?', 'What will I do if this doesn't work out?', 'What if I have to go back?' took over as the main narrative. While this sounds like a horrible state to being it is partly the reason why I am doing so well today. Instead of letting the fear become a crippling worry of self-doubt I turned it into a motivator. 

I did a few little bits of marketing and networking and they really paid off.

On the marketing front I sent out a few letters to local businesses and followed it up with a cold call, on one occasion the client rang me before I rang them to say they would love to work with me in the future. Using my connections (getting friends to put in a good word for me with their boss before I contacted them) I was able to land two new clients who have helped propel me in to working full-time as a freelance editor and proofreader.

My new working life is quite different.

As a freelancer I have more control over my day and the change in work (from 8 hours on your feet service to desk job) really helped me take control of my fatigue. I got back into playing roller derby, got more exercise and I definitely work more. Weeks pass without a day off, but I am delighted. Every project I work on is exciting, with new skills to learn and different challenges every night I slept like a newborn. That is up until the day my brain crashed out with a thundering migraine. I couldn't put two words together let alone do any quality work for my clients. Since then I have made sure to take regular breaks during the day and to have at least one day off a week. When you are working for yourself you see every free moment as time to improve your business but without breaks your productivity goes down the toilet. Breaks, it seems, are just as important as the work itself.

But working for a few different companies has given me the pleasure of meeting new people and working with great teams; I know this is the career for me.

There is great satisfaction in working to your potential and making your dreams a reality. All this, however could not have been done without the support of family, friends and my boyfriend. Just knowing there is a safety net there if it all goes pear-shaped is enough to push you on to make your career a success. Oh, and I suppose I had a little to do with it too.