How to format your work: Language Settings

Formatting your work makes it neat and easy to read, making your copy more attractive to the reader. If you are writing a report, essay, or presentation, you want to get on the reader’s good side so don’t make life difficult for them by writing a document in American English when it is destined to be read by those who use British English or vice versa.

Whether you are writing in American, British, Canadian, or Irish English, you should have your word processor language on the correct setting for your reader. You can find this in Word 2016 by going to the Review tab then hitting Ctrl + A to highlight the text, click Language and then set proofing language. Simply select your language from the list.

BestCopy Language Settings.png
BestCopy Language Preferences.png

You also need to make sure that you have the proofing (spelling and grammar) settings installed for the version of English you want to use. Go to File, then Options and select Languages. Look at the box and make sure you have the correct versions enabled and installed. Enabling and installing these versions is very easy. Select the language you wish to install from the drop down menu and click add. You will need to restart Word, but then you will be up and running.

Screenshot (7).png