Academic writing: Paragraphs

Hey everyone, here is a quick little tip to help you structure your paragraphs. All academic paragraphs have these three little points to them, they can come in any order, so long as the explanation is logical. Before you start writing, be clear on what point you want to make, for example, I want to make the point that Statler pens are better than Bic (controversial, I know!).
1. Give the reader the relevant information. "There are many brands of pen available such as Bic, Statler, and Papermate." 
2. State your point. "Statler pens are better for writing as they are thinner, easier to hold, and have a fine nib."
3. Back up your claim. A study by Doe (2017, p. X) stated that "in a survey of 25,000 academics, Statler was the pen of choice for a startling 90%, with only 10% of those surveyed preferring Bic." 
Then, all you have to do is make sure your paragraph has a good flow and leads logically from the previous paragraph and on to the next.